Pursuing Possibilities.

You deserve our best minds.

3ME Intelligence provides research and consulting services for a world constantly changing and too dynamic for linear solutions.


Informing, reflecting and innovating for a changing business environment.

Our perspective

The world is changing and conventional ways of doing business are being challenged. Disruptive forces and events are becoming ever more unforeseen and are testing business models that have previously stood the test have time. Experience may no longer be a competitive advantage or the anchors to future existence of most businesses today.


3ME benefits from a team born into the information age of unbound possibilities and we are poised to pursue these possibilities. We're ever curious and it's what drives our intentions.


We help individuals, small enterprises and established corporations solve challenging business cases in a world constantly changing and too dynamic for linear solutions. We believe you deserve our best minds and a dose of youthful intelligence.

We are partners for transformation and insight providers for leaders.

Our offerings


Partners for Transformation

We are charting the way for new models of doing business, helping businesses design products, services and experiences that meet today’s consumer needs, wants and expectations while helping them to organise their teams, develop and source the skills needed to succeed in the information age.

Customer-Focused Advisory

+ Customer Experience (CX)

+ Product Development

+ Service Development

+ Content Development

Management-Focused Advisory

+ Change Management

+ Organisational Design

+ Innovation


Insights for Leaders

We want to help business leaders overcome the fears brought about by emerging technologies and develop an understanding to distinguish disruptive events from seasonal fads. 3ME Intelligence innovates, informs and reflects on the changing business environment. Get up to date on our latest thinking on topics at the intersection of business, design and technology.

Thought Leadership

+ R&D

+ Industry Reports

+ Professional Journals


We apply our talent and expertise across a range of industry sectors.

Who we work with

Consumer Business

Media and Entertainment

+ Retailers

+ Financial Services

+ Telecommunications

+ Consumer Packaged Goods

+ Travel, Leisure and Hospitality

+ Advertisers

+ Broadcasters

+ Content Creators

Built Environment

Governments & Private Sector

+ Architects

+ Developers

+ Urban Planners

Research & Learning Institutions

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