Crafting Possibilities.

Anything can be designed to be better.

3ME Design provides multidisciplinary design services for a world where design has influence over everything.


The relationship between what is created and how we interact with it.

Our perspective

Design has everything to do with how things work just as much as it has to do with how things look. It is not only about design in the artistic sense. Design has influence in everything; how we live, how we interact and what we see. Hence why design is at our core.


We believe anything can be designed to be better; businesses, products, services and experiences. We do this through our human-centered design thinking ideology. We seek to understand people well enough to know how to express an idea through the design of a product, service or experience.


This allows 3ME Design to impact broad sectors; We are at the forefront of better high-efficiency design for residential and commercial building environments. We intuitively design digital interfaces and devise innovate methods of interacting with them on various formats and device form-factors. We also satisfy individual and enterprise needs for high-quality general purpose design.

Design that works. That makes the best use of space, communicates visually and effectively.

Our offerings


Solutions for Built Environments

Open light-filled spaces is 3ME’s architectural design mantra. Our design thought process allows us to realise interior and exterior design that exists in a mutually elegant yet functional manner that makes the best use of space.

+ Architectural Design

+ Interior Design

+ Urban Design

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Solutions for Digital Media

When most people find things difficult to use, in most cases, it is the outcome of poor design rather than the people themselves with the problem. At 3ME, we design each product, experience or interface to be naturally intuitive.

+ Interaction Design

+ Interface Design

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Solutions for Brands and Advertising

Visual material has the greatest impact on people than any other stimuli. It does not come as a surprise that a great majority of marketers prioritise visual marketing now, more than ever. 3ME designs to communicate visually and effectively.

+ Graphic Design

+ Product Design

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We apply our talent and expertise across a range of industry sectors.

Who we work with

Consumer Business

Media and Entertainment

+ Retailers

+ Financial Services

+ Telecommunications

+ Consumer Packaged Goods

+ Travel, Leisure and Hospitality

+ Advertisers

+ Broadcasters

+ Content Creators

Built Environment

Governments & Private Sector

+ Architects

+ Developers

+ Urban Planners

Research & Learning Institutions

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