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We are a Kenyan provider of professional research, design, development, media and advertising services. We work with people and their businesses to develop innovative ideas in a commercial environment too dynamic for linear solutions.


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Progressing through a partnership of refined talent.

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We offer innovation in an environment too dynamic for linear solutions.

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Management-Focused Advisory

+ Change Management

Customer-Focused Advisory

+ Customer Experience (CX)

+ Product Development

+ Organisational Design

+ Service Development

+ Innovation

+ Content Development

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Solutions for Brands and Advertising

+ Product Design

Solutions for Built Environments

+ Architectural Design

+ Interior Design

+ Graphic Design

+ Urban Design

Solutions for Digital Media

+ Interface Design

+ Interaction Design


Solutions for Software

+ Software Development

Solutions for the Web

+ Web Development

+ Cloud and Analytics

+ Prototyping and UI/UX Analysis

+ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Solutions for Public Display Advertising

+ Signage

Solutions for Digital

+ Video and Animation

+ Internet Marketing

+ Merchandising

+ Communications

We apply our talent and expertise across a range of industry sectors.

Who we work with

Consumer Business

Media and Entertainment

+ Retailers

+ Financial Services

+ Telecommunications

+ Consumer Packaged Goods

+ Travel, Leisure and Hospitality

+ Advertisers

+ Broadcasters

+ Content Creators

Built Environment

Governments & Private Sector

+ Architects

+ Developers

+ Urban Planners

Research & Learning Institutions

Design Thinking. An intellectual ideology that guides our work.

Our values and philosophy

Design Thinking allows us to offer our expertise in new ways; offering highly specialised insights in our areas of core specialisation to devise the most pragmatic, sincere and innovative approaches towards challenging business cases.


A Design Thinking intellectual process of problem-solving drives us towards improving and innovating products, services and experiences in new ways by optimising how people needs are met in interacting with everything we create. We empathise, define, ideate, prototype and iterate.


We're ever curious and it's what drives our intentions. We seek to understand people well enough to know how to express an idea through the design of a product or service. Nurturing low-cost scalable prototyping. Spurring innovation and reducing time to market.

Providing resolute stewardship and active engagement.

Leadership and Governance

Brian Biamah

Senior Partner, Executive

Victor Ochieng'

Junior Partner, Operations

Anita Njeri

Associate Partner, Real-Estate

Charles Oduwole

Associate Partner, Finance

Jade Perry

Associate Partner, Legal

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